Comrade Emmanuel Bishop Amakiri

The Young Progressives Party (YPP) was founded by Comr. Emmanuel Bishop Amakiri, a visionary leader who believes that it is time for a generational paradigm shift in Nigeria politics.

Comr. Emmanuel Bishop Amakiri is known to be a social justice crusade of high repute, a passionate Nigerian with immense love for grass root development.  He is the founder of the Nigerian Youth Movement for Peace Empowerment and Transformation (NYMPET), a registered Non-Governmental Organization, and the owner of Amakson Soccer Academy (ASA). He is also the founder of U & I Global Concert Nigeria Limited.

Comr. Emmanuel Bishop Amakiri’s vision for the YPP is born out of genuine enthusiasm to build an egalitarian society anchored on Nigerian citizens as the prime resource, driven by mentally progressive and young innovative leaders without greed. He is an incurable optimist who believes firmly in the YPP aims and objective which is service to humanity.

The YPP was registered as a political party in Nigeria on 7th June, 2017. Since then, the party has witnessed rapid growth across the 36 state, the federal capital and the diaspora, it will interest you to know that the party is waxing strong with over 18 million members across the globe since its registration. The YPP has also won a number of seats in recent elections, including eleven seats in the 2023 general election.

Comr. Emmanuel Bishop Amakiri’s political will power is evident in his commitment to the YPP and his vision for Nigeria. He is a tireless advocate for the party, and he is always looking for ways to expand its reach and influence. He is also a strong believer in the power of young people, and he is committed to giving them a voice in Nigerian politics.

The YPP is an emerging young political party with a bright future focused on youth empowerment, women and people with disability inclusion in Nigerian politics and governance.

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