Over one and half decades into the 4th republic, the clouds of uncertainties never ceased from hovering over our nascent democracy with no radical departure from the dark years of the military autocratic rulership.

The rising rate of despondency among Nigerians caused by unending display of insensitivity, incompetence, impunity and complete detachment from the masses made it imperative for the vacuum created by leadership nonchalance to be filled in order to once again inspire hope among the citizens, especially the teeming youth and women demographics, who are critical stakeholders in building a socially cohesive, virile and prosperous nation.

Inspired by the words of Plato, which says “if you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools” coupled with the desire for something completely different, some young Nigerians led by Comrade Bishop Amakiri started a political movement in 2016 that later metamorphosed into a registered political party known as the Young Progressives Party on 7th June, 2017.

These visionaries rose above primordial sentiments such as ethnicity, religion and other fault lines, which have been weaponized by the ruling elites to divide and distract us from development and other dividends of democracy, that have been elusive since the return of democracy in 1999.

These founding fathers not only conceptualized a vision to build an egalitarian society anchored on Nigerian citizens as the prime resource, driven by mentally progressive and young innovative leaders without greed but also developed a universally acceptable working document (constitution and manifesto) taking into consideration the reasons for systemic and leadership failures.

The founding fathers of the Young Progressives Party are a conglomeration of culturally diverse young men and women from different professional backgrounds driven by the spirit of patriotism, volunteerism and passion for a paradigm shift. They sacrificed time, money, and intellect to ensure the institutionalization of a vibrant political party, which has now become one of the leading top 6 political parties in the largest black nation in the world.

Below are the names of these founding fathers whom generations yet unborn will be eternally grateful to;

1. Comrade Bishop E. Amakiri – Founder
2. Hon. Vidiyeno H. Bamaiyi – Co-Founder
3. Lady Uchenna Okorie – Co-Founder
4. Comrade Haruna Usman – Co-Founder
5. Comrade Egbeola O. Martins – Co-Founder
6. Prof. Tosan H. Blessing – Co-Founder
7. Hon. Charles O. Afolayan – Co-Founder
8. Barr. Rafat Mohammed – Co-Founder
9. Mr Ahmed Adewale Azeez – Co-Founder
10. Ms. Plangnan Dashen Samuel – Co-Founder
11. Mrs Pamela Ozomma Ojiugo – Co-Founder
12. Comrade Abbas Muslim Haroon – Co-Founder.