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1st October, 2017.


May we use this great opportunity to congratulate Nigeria and Nigerians for yet another independence anniversary marking 57years of freedom from the grip of our colonial masters. Though tough was the road to independence but tougher still has been the road since independence.

While a large portion of our population may not see any sense in celebrating a nation perceived to have failed us, it is however expedient to state unequivocally that Nigeria has not failed us but rather we as citizens have failed this great country by our blatant refusal to challenge a system that has consistently failed to produce quality leadership, drive sustainable socio-economic development and build institutions.

If the labour of our heroes past must truly not be in vain, then it is high time we as citizens especially the youths shunned the things that divides us and collectively channel our strength through political participation to the things we are forced to have in common such as unemployment, poverty and underdevelopment which does not know tribe, religion or creed.

The battle for the soul of our great nation is in progress and we must decide as Nigerians whether we want to seize this rear opportunity of joining the revolution by challenging the status quo through poitical participation or continue to bask in the euphoria of our political nonchalance while a few are left to determine our collective destiny. To limit our involvement in political participation to just barrage of complaints on the social media and the little corners of our rooms will not change anything.

However, there is a ray of hope and we cannot afford to give up just yet because we are at the point of spotting that light at the end of a dark tunnel of our failed political experiment which has thrown all kinds of leaders at us.

While congratulating all Nigerians once more on this auspicious occasion of her 57th independence anniversary, kindly join the Young Progressive Party movement so that we can together challenge and change the current narrative.

Comrade Egbeola Olawale Martins
National Publicity Secretary.