1. In pursuant to the provisions of Section 85 of the Electoral Act, 2010 (as amended in 2014) on elections for the replacement of National Officers, the NEC ratified the nominations of eight new officers to fill the empty positions in the National Executive Committee. These new officers in no particular order are as follows:
a) Dr. (Mrs.) Appolonia Obiageri Ezeadili as the Deputy Woman Leader
b) Mrs. Anita Zugwei-Chukwu as the Deputy National Govt. Liaison Adviser
c) Hajiya Faiza Tafida as the North-West Zonal Woman Leader
d) Mr. Williams Moses as the Deputy Organizing Secretary
e) Chief Chris Ifesi as the South-East Zonal Chairman
f) Comrade Owoyombo Gbenga Solomon as the Deputy National Youth Leader.
g) Chukwuemeka Nnawuihe Nwigwe as the National Legal Adviser
h) Udogu Chigozie Gerald as the Acting Youth Leader.
2. The NEC acknowledged the commendable efforts of government in the fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic but raised serious concern on the rising cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria since the gradual relaxation of the lockdown in some states of the Federation. This trend, if allowed to continue unabated, portends grave danger beyond what corruption, insecurity and misgovernance may have caused the nation in the last two decades. With a figure put at over 21,000 people who have tested positive nationwide in spite of the low testing rate in relation to our population, it’s time for all those who are still under the illusion that this virus is a scam to snap out of it and support government efforts so that all hands can be on deck for the curve to be quickly flattened.
3. We implore Nigerians on the strength of available scary statistics to take personal responsibility by adhering to all hygiene protocols and safety guidelines as recommended by the NCDC, Federal Ministry of Health and the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 with more emphasis on the wearing of face masks in public places and constant washing of hands. The government should rally all Nigerians towards a common national project through grassroots advocacy in all Nigerian languages using relevant agencies and stakeholders as most people are either still living in self-denial or completely ignorant of the existence of this virus. We also advise the strict enforcement of recommended safety guidelines and adequate punishment given to violators to serve as a deterrent.
4. The NEC also condemn the needless drama caused by political actors in the APC and PDP at a time when the challenges of COVID-19, insecurity and dwindling economy should be at the heartof national discourse. These Siamese twins, with a notorious reputation for always stirring up unnecessary controversies during electioneering periods just to distract Nigerians should rather be ignored and held accountable for past mismanaged opportunities. These failed political parties have never hidden the fact that greed remains the only motivation for seeking an electoral mandate from the people and we appeal to all Nigerians to see beyond their charade and embrace the Young Progressives Party as a credible alternative.
5. In addition, the current political imbroglio in Edo and Ondo State respectively where a godfather is battling his godson over re-election thereby leading to the defection of the latter to a party he once condemned, and a situation where an incumbent Governor gave an order for his deputy to be assaulted for doing same is a pointer to how petty and classless our so-called leaders have become. The shameful cross carpeting between the APC and PDP by these dramatis personae is only for the sole purpose of grabbing power with little or no responsibility through electoral violence and rigging. The ongoing legal fireworks in both parties are enough danger signal to electorates to be cautious so as not to go down a route where the judiciary rather than the people will determine the outcome of an election.
6. The NEC in conclusion call on President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently intervene in the rising cases of rape and address with purpose the terrible state of insecurity in the nation. It was unanimously agreed that there is a need for a deliberate action plan to be initiated by the executive and legislature to ensure a more stringent punishment of up to life imprisonment for rapists. We also urge the President to show leadership by being more decisive and one of such immediate acts of decisiveness is to let go of his service chiefs who are no longer relevant to the current security challenges that have evolved over time.
7. Thank you.
Comrade Egbeola Wale Martins
National Publicity Secretary.