The APC led government should learn to be humble in defeat because when tyranny is in conflict with the rule of law, the latter will always prevail. Nigeria is a republic and not an empire that the whole nation will bow to the whims and caprices of an individual or a group of individuals known as the cabal.

It was quite visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that both local and international pressure led to the release of Sowore and Dasuki respectively and let it be made clear that i may not share the same ideology with Sowore, neither am i in support of Dasuki if indeed there are incontrovertible evidence that he stole from our common wealth but when the judiciary, which is an equal arm of government with the statutory mandate to interpret the law gives an order, the executive is bound to obey whether it’s in their favour or not as any action to the contrary is the definition of totalitarianism and not democracy.

The compassion you never had when the court ordered that the duo be released coupled with clamour by people of good conscience that the rule of law must be followed cannot suddenly develop overnight after Deji Adeyanju was attacked during a peaceful protest by the pro-government protesters coupled with the letter that was written and signed by four U.S Senators and two members of the house demanding the release of Sowore and the need for the rule of law to be followed by the GMB led government. Could it be a coincidence that a witch cried yesterday and a baby died today? The answer definitely is no. We saw this coming and it was never a matter of whether Sowore and other political prisoners will be released but when.

Arrogance and ignorance have always been the hallmark of the APC government, which is completely bereft of the understanding of the tenets of democracy and who like their leader, an unrepentant dictator does not understand the concept of the rule of law or how else do you describe this ill-conceived statement coming from a so called Attorney General and Minister of Justice who should know better. Rather than showing remorse and apologize to Nigerians for the brazen display of executive rascality and lawlessness, they are further mocking our intelligence by making us to believe they acted based on conscience. Are you kidding me?

The APC cannot give what it doesn’t have. As far as i am concerned, you can only show compassion when you have conscience and the APC government sold their conscience to the devil the very day it denied all promises made to us during their campaigns in 2015 such as restructuring the country, provision of electricity in 6 months, creation of 3 million jobs per annum, adequate protection of lives and property, making N1 to equal $1, stop the payment of petroleum subsidy and make the pump price of petrol N45 per litre.

Conclusively, it’s time for Nigerians to be more vigilant like never before as the struggle for the very soul of the nation is ongoing and the only way the masses can win this battle is through eternal vigilance and mass action against the enemies of Nigeria in government who are delusioned to think they love this nation more than all of us and that all actions taken including those not in the interest of the nation should not be subjected to scrutiny.

Comr. Egbeola Olawale Martins
National Publicity Secretary
Young Progressives Party;

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